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MV Agusta125 tre1958638865
MV Agusta150GTL1971MVGTL658436MV656467Any info most welcome, V5C states 150cc bore size of 52.8mm indicates 125.
MV AgustaSella196313342:109701879
MV Agusta750 GT converted to SPORT19742140518Sold by Softhbys in 2017 for 101.790VILLA ERBA 2017 Moto-Icons: From Caf Racer to the Superbike. Half an hours drive away from Villa Erba lies the town of Verghera, home to the Meccanica Verghera Agus
MV AgustaCst 175406304404738TImport from italy on the 90 s If any knows Info about yearmodel i will be greatful
MV AgustaMV125 Sport19772180901*MV125SE*21802419Italy
MV Agusta350 S Ipotesi19772160175021602111Perth Australia
MV Agusta125 sport197521802352180355Now in the UKItaly
MV AgustaTurismo rapido19541007291111003Spain
MV Agusta350B Sport Elettronica1972213084120131295
MV Agusta750 Sport1972MV750BE2140289Germany
MV Agusta350 SE1974MV350BE21301852216 01881actual location GermanyItaly
MV Agusta350 S Ipotesi1975MV350BE216 0552216 01029Germany
MV Agusta350BMV350BE2130625216 06366V SportItaly
MV Agusta350BMV350BE21306448216 06457primary GT modified to SE Italy
MV Agusta175???92276 A921014Can anyone tell me what year the bike is? Is this a Tourismo?
MV Agusta750 Sport Drum Brake1970MV4C75 214 007214 010Imported 1971 by Moto EJF Import Sweden(Eric Ferdinansen),in the mid-1970s acquired by Ove Johanson/exhibited in MC collection Museum;sold 2019 in Las Vegas to a Beverly Hills collection;sold October Sweden
MV Agusta175 CS sport 1955419248S473494SUK reg 70M MV - I think this was an official Uk bike but maybe it was imported in 1995 since then it has 2 owners - totally original with good original paint / mechnicals - well looked after by a truUK
MV Agusta??623481623583Just picked this bike up could be a 125 around 1958 any help identifying it before I start sorting it out much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
MV Agusta750 Sport1974214-0536214-0377First sold to the importer Piet Van Dijk in Holland. Stayed in Holland until 2012 and then went to the United States. Currently owned by Tim Mullins in Keswick, VA, USA.Holland