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MV Agusta750s74214-0480214-04772nd owner, now in U.S. 23k kilometers, original, unrestored, regular use, no problems...take these things out and thrash them, there durable and and a total blast to the ears...!!!!!netherlandsIbelieve
MV Agusta175922429A924472any information appreciated email [email protected]
MV Agustamv125se196111817cpa648296
MV Agusta800ss Super America197622101942210157Germany
MV Agusta350s ipotesi1975216036216006oldestknownitaly
MV Agusta850 SS1977221047intheUSAlistedastheSilvermanbike2400miles
MV Agusta750 S America1976221045InUSAwith299miles
MV Agusta750s America1977221474221425Netherlands
MV Agusta350 Sport19752130263718582miles
MV Agusta125 GTLS1969659775657476InAustralia
MV Agusta250B Sport Elettronica19732130170321101512LondonUK
MV Agusta175 CSGT ?1957419700415494Many part of the engine are stamp 0457 or 0557Italy
MV Agusta125 Monoalbero1953150179150167Auctioned at Christies in 2000
MV Agusta125 GT1970MVGT657662MV-657662In Australia
MV Agusta17540182734401878
MV AgustaDisco Volante1957405646/354736195
MV AgustaCSS 1751955410031/5V450390/5VCompetitione Super Sport
MV Agusta750s197221401712140171For sale on Jan 2014 75K eurosUnusual but possible for frame and engine numbers to be the same.
MV Agusta175 CSTL Disco Volante1956.402128Italy
MV Agusta750 Sport Drum Brake197221401932140185
MV Agusta750 S America19772210345Germany
Ducati PantahF1 750 B1986ZDM3AA3L2HB7500638ZDM750L75000901USA
Ducati Desmoquattro851 Strada1988ZDM851S 1 850208ZDM851 4850842Japan
Ducati PantahF1 750 Laguna Seca1987ZDM3GA3M5HB750169GA3H750032USA
MV Agusta750 GT1972214-0325214-0261MelbourneAustralia
MV Agustars851188851132
MV Agusta750s197321404452140405Netherlands
MV Agusta750S197321405042140504
MV Agusta750 Sport Disc1974214-0504214-0504Seen on eBayGermany
MV Agusta750s1974214-0473214-0480630km since restoration to new condition
MV Agusta75019762210200
MV Agusta750 America S1976221042221-014This was my Dads bike that he bought for himself he owned a bike dealership that only sold eurobikes We sold some 19 MVs after this one I assembled and test rode EVERY one of them Dad is gone now BUTWayne NJ USA
MV AgustaTP 12519551105608376CH
MV Agusta750 s197722105512210420england
MV Agusta350B197021303882130440Completely original & showroom condition. 13,808 miles.Slight rust spot size of 20c coin on the under side of the right-hand exhaust tail-pipe. AustraliaMelbourne
MV Agusta750s1972drum214086
MV Agusta1956617797617790 S
MV Agusta40255/34402653
MV Agusta175 cstl411474