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MV Agusta175 CSTL1956414433411220
MV Agusta750 America19762210511Netherlands
MV AgustaAmerica19762210490Netherlands
MV Agusta750 America S197622103792210355I am third owner. It is in showroom condition with 21000km and I have spare wheels tank sidecovers exhausts seat pistons gaskets and numerous other spares including tools manuals and owners book.SouthAfrica
MV Agusta750s1972mv4c75214255214081
MV Agusta750 Sport197521406202140608In UK. VERY late 750s!
MV Agusta750S America19762210466221-0318Sold new in UK and NEVER used. 200 original miles, still brand new with original tyres and battery! Currently in Italy, put in working conditions keeeping all the old parts.UK
MV Agusta350 Ipotesi1978BE 2160115821601559Mnster/Germany
MV Agusta750 america197722104202210551uk
MV Agusta750 Sport1972MV4 - 2140952140114Built 1972-03-14.Imported into France by GAREAUFRANCE
MV Agusta800 ss Super Daytona America197822104606 Spoke Magnesium Wheels4-1 ExaustBrembos like Ago/Corrona/GPGermany
MV Agusta750 Sport197221401152140107Bimota-modified
MV Agusta750 Sport Disk Brake197421405012140505Netherlands
MV Agusta125 carter lungo competizione19501106811117very rare modelitaly
MV Agusta125 Sport19772180213721801864
MV Agusta350 Scrambler19742130571521305606I imported the Scrambler 350 from Italy in March 2008. It is in excellent and original condition.
MV AgustaAmerica 750s197622103772210289For sale on eBay 06/09 with 60 miles. Saint Louis, Missouri, United StatesUSA
MV Agusta250515
MV AgustaGT197421405232140459PORTUGAL
MV Agusta750 s1972214086mv agustafrance
MV Agusta750 Sport197421404412140441SPAINSpain
MV Agusta750 america19782210116221750 a
MV Agusta750S America197722104492210407Always a Swedish bike, 3710km since new, have only been used 6 summers, last 1985.Sweden
MV AgustaSella196420064:342709493MV Agusta sella 150cc, built under licence by the Avello Company, Gijon SpainSpain
MV Agusta600199042After 199-042 a helical geared primary drive was fitted same ratio and on all engines the drive was between cylinders one and two as on the MV racers - Falloon notes
MV Agusta1251953500098/18500579
MV Magni8321986221-0709Magni 832 in Japan. Is this the highest 221 series engine number?
MV Agusta600199-0134Engine numbers began at 199-001 and ended at 199-0134 although production numbers indicate only 127 600s were built.Falloon
MV Agusta221 750A782210432
MV Agusta750 S America1977221091First sold in Germany, then in Netherlands and now in France, 6000 kmGermany
MV Agusta750 Sport Disc Brake1974214-0471214-0482Delivered new to a dealer in Italy, now in New ZealandItaly
MV Agusta60019691990136199-0104Build indicated as 21/7/69. This was the last 600 frame number
MV Agusta6001990138According to the parts list, a new pulley and gaskets were incorporated from 199-0138 but there is no evidence in production records of an engine with this number. Falloon notes.
MV Agusta600199061A different speedometer drive was required to suit each tyre - a 3.50 X 18 inch rear was fitted from 199001-199004, 199008-199027 and from 199061. Falloon notes.
MV Agusta600199051From frame number 199051, Bosch horns were fitted to the crash bar. Falloon note.
MV Agusta750S1970214-008214-001Built 22 September 1970 Only 9 750 Sports were manufactured in 1970. This was the first one Falloon notes.GarreauinParis
MV Agusta750S1970214006214-009Built - 27/22/70 Fibreglass tank with the filler on the left side. Courtesy Cycle World - Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S1970214011214-004Built 2/10/70 - Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S214050