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MV Agusta750GT1974214484
MV Agusta750GT1974214496
MV Agusta750GT19742140526214-0490Built in 1974 but not sold until 1975. This is the final GT built. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S1974214-0513Built June 1974 Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S1973214-0401All 750 Sport engines with numbers higher than 214-0401 were built after 28/8/73. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750S19742140370214-0554
MV Agusta750S197421406232140592Carried DGM stamp 10791 Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S19742140533MV4C752140533DGM10791 Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S America1975221005221-0011st America and tested by Cycle Magazine.
MV Agusta750S America1975221-0627
MV Agusta750S America1975221-089
MV Agusta750S America1975221-088
MV Agusta750S America19752210600MC4C75
MV Agusta750S America2210101
MV Agusta750S America1977221-080850SS
MV Agusta350s Ipotesi19772160108121601716Believed to be a 1977, however has an earlier frame number, so perhaps an engine replacement in its past lifeAustralia
MV Agusta1251962644101
MV AgustaGT350b197221305406MV21305492The bike was bought at auction in Sydney Australia in March 2015 with milage reading 1938.
MV Agusta125 GTL1968MVGTL657996MV-655954Recently bought to be restoredBelgium
MV Agusta418616415029I am looking for information about the model
MV Agusta1751954405133405133
MV AgustaREGOLARITA/CROSS924444924519Presumably MV Agusta Regolarita ...
MV Agusta6001967199096199125Italy
MV AgustaGT 750197421405232140459
MV Agusta19772210345
MV Agusta644289644191I am looking for information about the model
MV Agusta750s Disk19742140574214-0589
MV Agusta350 s197521301971
MV Agusta350 s197521301971
MV Agusta750 America197622102052210202Bike is in Germany, with German Documents
MV AgustaMagni 86119782210103UK registered in 18/08/1989
MV AgustaTarget197722102612210217TARGET DESIGN BIKE No.1 from Harald Thurner
MV AgustaRapido 125 51RS852546Dutch motorcycle
MV AgustaCSCT 1751956419865415571
MV Agusta750s1971214083214-073I am looking for additional information
MV Agusta125 GTL1968XXXXXX657244Color: SILVER Germany
MV Agusta750s disk brake19752140513214-0553Holland
MV MagniMV AGUSTA 900 Arthuro Magni Cento Vall1978 221-0519 05191221-0500Was sold from MV Agusta in April 1978 to German distributor.It passes to a Japanese collector in 1985.German
MV Agusta850SS197822102182210114Imported to Australia and First registered in Qld Australia, March 1979. Still in Qld Australia by current owner.Australia
MV AgustaFormula 750 Corse 1971199098AP #1 (Factory Race Engine)Factory Prototype Race Machine, (Arturo Magni), Believed to be the only pure 750 race frame developed by the factory, Full race engine with Chain drive and no provision for generator or starter,(the Italy