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MV Agusta125 Sport1975MV125SE 2218014inAustralia
MV Agusta125 GTLS1970MVGTL6602MV657855inAustralia
MV Agusta125 Sport197521801971intheUK
MV Agusta250 B19702110162intheUSA
MV Agusta350B19732130227221302046
MV Agusta850ss1977221074221080Australia
MV Agusta350B Sport1972213 0723213 0701pointsignitionmodelAdelaideAUS
MV AgustaMinibike Racing 501972220 0450n/a8" wheel model Frame number only known because ex factory Dymo label is stil lin placeSteinachDE
MV Agusta750s America221022221022
MV Agusta750s America22101202210179
MV Agusta750s America22104822210320
MV Agusta750s America221037221037850SS
MV Agusta750s America1977221-0563221-0395This bike spent much of its life in Japan. Brought to theUS in 2000. Very late engine perhaps the last
MV Agusta750s America0221-02420221-0230Netherlands
MV Agusta750s America0221-03370221-0338Netherlands
MV Agusta750s America0221-02570221-0341Netherlands
MV Agusta750s America0221-0215Netherlands
MV Agusta750s America0221-01030221-0149Netherlands
MV Agusta750 Sport0214-0513Netherlands
MV Agusta750 Sport0214-0442Netherlands
MV Agusta750s America0221-059Netherlands
MV Agusta750 Sport0214-0337Netherlands converted to racer
MV AgustaMagni0221-0493Netherlands converted to Magni
MV AgustaMonza0221-0608Netherlands converted to racer
MV Agusta750s America221020221020
MV Agusta750s America22104682210304
MV Agusta750s America221028221028850SS
MV Agusta750s America221052Cutawaymo
MV Agusta750s America22104402210293
MV Agusta1000S CORONA19802210395DGM221-0182I think mine is the last of the twelve built. Japanese industrialist Mr Hayashi ordered both a Corona and an 1100 Grand Prix which he displayed in the Fuji MotorMuseum in Japan. The museum closed in 1MrHayashiinJapan
MV Agusta750s America221016221042
MV Agusta750s America221048221043850SS
MV Agusta750s America221031221031850SS
MV Agusta750s America221024221024850SS
MV Agusta750s America22101242210170
MV Agusta750s America221012221012
MV Agusta750 Sport221013221013
MV Agusta750s America22102142210210
MV Agusta750s America221049221047
MV Agusta750s America221021221044850SS