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MV Agusta750214100
MV Agusta6001968199089199-063The only non-black 600 mentioned in factory records - delivered as mustard yellow to Kym Boynton,Australia - with Bosch horns - Falloon notesAustralia
MV Agusta6001967199015199-014Delivered to King of Italy in exile Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie. A gift from Corrado Agusta - blue in color and still remains in his possession. Falloon notes. Gift
MV Agusta60019731990101199-0127Only 1973 600 made
MV Agusta750S1970214009214002Sold to Circle Motors - UKUK
MV Agusta750S1971214048214-043Sold to the great F1 driver Jacky Ickx of Belgian. Falloon Notes Jacky is a 6 time winner of LeMans and won 8 GPs. Aull notes
MV Agusta750S1972214001214-0212214001 was the first frame number and was a prototype. The motorcycle was mated with engine # 214-0212 in 21 July 1972! Falloon notes.
MV Agusta750S1971214018214017Build date 15/9/71
MV Agusta750S1972214084214-087Built 15 Jan 1972 - this was a black example - black frame, seat, tank & side covers. Falloon notesBobJaneinAustralia
MV Agusta750S1971214042214-039Built - 30/10/71 Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S19722140136214-0135one of the last to feature the early 600 based engine.
MV Agusta750S19722140221214-02511st sold to Gus Kuhn in London - Falloon notesLondon
MV Agusta750S19732140298214-0327
MV Agusta750GT1972214045214-054Built - 6/7/72 This is recorded as the 1st GT built - sent to Schneider in Baden-Baden. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750GT19722140228214-0234This is the second GT built - 15/9/72 - 2 months after the first one.
MV Agusta750GT19722140326214-0275Built November 1972
MV Agusta750S19722140262214-0266Built November 1972. Received updated factory parts in 1974. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750GT19732140343214-0404Built 1/8/1973 Featured a Grimeca front drum brake. Falloon notes.
MV Agusta850 SS 1977221033221-033On eBay Jan. 2012
MV Agusta750S19742140470214-0471Built March 1974 with EPM wheels and disc brakes. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S19742140542214-0548Falloon notesItaly
MV Agusta600199001
MV Agusta6001971214-010
MV Agusta6001971214-075
MV Agusta6002140103This engine number appears in two frames. 13 examples between 1971 and 1973 had identical engine and frame numbers. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750s74214-0480214-04772nd owner, now in U.S. 23k kilometers, original, unrestored,drum brakes, regular use, no problems...take these things out and thrash them, there durable and and a total blast to the ears...!netherlandsIbelieve
MV Agusta750S214-0211
MV Agusta750S214-0161
MV Agusta750S2140163
MV Agusta750S2140267
MV Agusta750S1972214-0189Now with 21 lower fins instead of 15. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S1973214-0395Built 30/7/73
MV Agusta750S1973214-0276
MV Agusta750S19732140416214-0400Built 26/7/73 Sold to Gus KuhnLondon
MV Agusta750S1972214064Frame numbers for 1972 began with 214064. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750S19722140324The was the final frame number for 1972. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750S19732140245This was the first frame for 1973. Falloon notes
MV Agusta750S19732140469This was the final frame number for 1973. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750GT1972214-0210Built 15/9/72 Had earlier MV tank and side cover decals. Falloon Notes
MV Agusta750GT2140325Frame homologation #DGM10791 OM Falloon Notes